How to get organized for schoolEdit

Here are some tips for getting ready for school

  1. Get into a night routine. (Lay out your clothes/shoes, pack most/all of your lunch, put all books and homework in backpack.)
  2. Wake up an hour early to get ready ex. school starts at 8 get up at 7.
  1. Shower. If you didn't the night before. Of course get dressed. Always apply deoderant, Brush your hair. Put it up.
  1. Eat breakfast. Most important meal. Make sure it will hold you over until lunch.
  1. Brush your teeth. Nobody likes morning breath. Floss, mouthwash, and sometimes carry around mints.
  1. If I am correct you should be ready and have extra time to spare. If you bring keys pack them Turn your phone OFF.
  • Tips: Be smart, get good grades. Pay attention( don't text, pass notes, ect.) Keep your locker/ backpack clean.

This girl is ready for some learning

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