How to organize your bedroomEdit

Organizing your bedroom takes time and effort. Here are some tips on how to have a less cluttered life.

Start by playing some music that gets you going. You can sing, hum, dance while you clean. Start by picking up any laundry/ garbage. Put your laundry in a laundry hamper. If you do not own one, It would be a good idea to purchase one. They are inexpensive and EXTREMELY helpful. Throw all garbage away. Now you've got it! Next Sort through all the ect on your floor. Put books in one pile... DVDS in another. Make sure you find a good home for EVERYTHING. Also make sure it's neatly put away. Don't just throw it. Put it away... 1 by 1. Next, Make your bed. Not only does an unmade bed look sloppy but it also makes your room look sloppy. Making your bed makes 50% of a difference. Last step to making your bedroom a stress free, clutter free, hangout zone is vacume... and use some sweet smelling air freshener. Now your room is complete. Vacume every day and keep everything in order

A nice, organized bedroom

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